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『Tofu-Knife』COMBO C by Kohei Kawatani

7,500 JPY

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川谷光平『Tofu-Knife』の発売を記念し、過去作を含めたスペシャルセットです。 COMBO C ((セット内容)) ① "Tofu-Knife" https://sinrininfo.stores.jp/items/61b4bf7c9eadbe7657b49ae3 ② Tofu-Knife Key Ring https://sinrininfo.stores.jp/items/61b4be9ab8979f04db27e0f6 ③ "2.5PB 4.5/10" https://sinrininfo.stores.jp/items/5cfb26b5b8174c665da4350b ***『Tofu-Knife』関連商品に限り日本国内送料無料でお届け中*** ★★★Attention for customers out of Japan★★★ PLEASE check information in "About other shipping cost" field BEFORE buying items. If there isn't your Country for shipping on the list, PLEASE notice us about it by message via the "Ask about this item" field BEFORE buying items. Without this process, you might pay higher shipping cost than real price.

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