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"THE GOOD PLACE" / Kanrapee Chokpaiboon

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The Good Place is a glimpse into Varanasi, one of India’s Holy cities. Divided by the Ganges River into the ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ sides, Varanasi holds deep religious and cultural significance. As an observer, @kanrapee.chok found himself captivated by the city's charm and embarked on a visual journey to portray its essence. Through his images, he aims to blur the lines between reality and the dream realm, showcasing how the supernatural seeps into everyday life in Varanasi. The city's adherence to ancient Vedas and the strict caste system further shape its unique character. He strives to capture the timeless lessons of this sacred city from an alternative perspective. _ The Good Place Hardcover Foil Stamping, Offset Printing (4 colors), 18.5x25.4 cm, 136 pages Edition of 200 copies _ Photographs and sequence by @kanrapee.chok Design by @big_pariwat Cover typography @kamonlak.sukchai Printed & Bound by Sonngpol Press, Bangkok, Thailand

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